Your Guide to Foods that Burn Fat—Fast!

One of the main reasons why crash diets don’t work is that that they leave you with a sense of being deprived, what with the mile-long list of food that you can and cannot eat. If you’d like to get rid of those unwanted pounds but hate the feeling of being deprived, incorporating certain foods that burn fat by boosting your metabolism (coupled with a sensible exercise plan of course) might just be the key:


Turn a deaf ear to those who will tell you that all dairy products are bad for you. A recent study conducted by the University of Tennessee proved that calcium serves as a metabolic trigger, and dieters who included an approximate 1,200 mg of calcium daily in their diet lost almost double the weight lost by those who ingested less.


Garlic is considered to be a heavy weight in terms of foods that burn fat because it contains a compound called allicin, which combats unhealthy fats and reduces cholesterol as well. As an added bonus, it likewise has major anti-bacterial properties as well.


Typically part of the breakfast meal, oats and other whole grains like it are rich in fiber. They are also very dense, and will be broken down by stomach enzymes more slowly than bread. Including oats in your diet will aid in keeping your body’s insulin production at a minimum and boost your metabolism at the same time.


Healthy, flavorful, and incredibly fulfilling, salmon is an excellent example in foods that burn fat because it is rich in a fatty acid called Omega-3 that helps kick-start your metabolism. Apart from that, the Omega-3 fatty acid likewise helps lower levels of the leptin hormone with the body, and ultimately result in an increased caloric burn.


A popular mainstay in many diets, the reason for which is that grapefruit is rich in a substance called pectin, which is a major combatant against fat cells. Not only that, it is also contains high levels of galacturonic acid, which also combats fat and cholesterol.


The Cayenne Pepper (also known as chili peppers, capsicum, among others) is yet another super contender in the category of foods that burn fat in the sense that it literally does burn away fat. When cayenne pepper is combined with lean protein such as turkey, beef, or fish, it triggers a thermo-dynamic burn throughout the body, allowing it to process cholesterol and fat more effectively. 

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